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Keep Your Engine In Time

Don't Let Your Timing Belt Go Unchecked

Timing belt failure can be catastrophic to your engine. While they are designed to last upwards of 100K miles, it is important to have it replaced per the manufacturer's guidelines. This simple process will help you prevent a major breakdown.

Timing Belt Failure Can Be Expensive

 - Timing belt replacements

 - TDI Timing Belt

 - Prevent catastrophic engine failure

 - Should be changed according to manufacturer's schedule

 - ASE certified technicians

 - Decades of combined experience

 - We guarantee our work

Don't risk your timing belt going out and ruining your engine. When you bring your car in for factory maintenance, we will inspect your timing belt and change it accordingly.

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Every vehicle repair you get from us is backed by a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the workmanship. When you trust our skilled technicians, you can rest assured you are getting the best repairs around.


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