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144 Manley St. Charlotte, NC 28216

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Diesel Services - Audi / VW TDI, GM Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins

At Philcron Automotive we provide excellent service and repair to your diesel vehicles. We have years of experience and knowledge of these engines. This allows us to work on them more efficiently, troubleshoot them quicker, and provide a high level of service. Don’t get roped into paying dealership prices.

Total Diesel Care:

Treat your diesel right with our specialized car care team. We have decades of experience working on VWs, and know these engines inside and out for faster and more affordable repairs.

 - TDI / Clean Diesel

 - TDI Timing Belts

 - ASE Certified Mechanics

 - Faster Diagnostics

 - Quicker Repairs

 - Scheduled Maintenance and Tune-Ups

 - Greater Knowledge of Known Issues

 - Cheaper to Less Expensive

Schedule Your Diesel Repairs Today

ASE Certified Technicians


Your diesel repairs will be performed by our expert ASE certified technicians. We take pride in repairing your vehicle right the first time and back that up with a satisfaction guarantee.


Your source for the best auto repairs at affordable prices.